Thiourea 99.0% Min (CAS 62-56-6)
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Phosphoric acid or phosphoric acid, chemical formula H3PO4, a molecular weight of 97.9724, is a common mineral acid, is a strong acid. The phosphorus pentoxide dissolved in hot water can be obtained. On being treated with sulfuric acid phosphoric acid industry apatite that was. Phosphoric deliquescent in the air. Heating dehydration will get pyrophosphate, metaphosphate obtained further dehydration. Phosphoric acid is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer and other industries, also used as a chemical reagent. As a colorless viscous liquid m.p. 42 ℃, boiling point 261 ℃, water soluble miscible with water in any ratio of the density 1.874g / mL (liquid), the appearance of a white solid, when more than 42 ℃
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organic synthesization of sensitizing material, and medicine, medical, spicery materials in fine chemicals

Product name: Thiourea

CAS NO.: 62-56-6

Molecular formula: CH4N2S  

HS Code: 2930909090

UN NO.: 2811/3077

DG Class:6.1 or 9



Thiourea is a fine chemicals product with high additive value,which is widely applied in various industries such as medicine, agriculture, textile, printing-dyeing, chemical, metal-mine-selecting, laundering etc.

It mainly used in:

1. pharmaceutical raw material,

2. bleaching agent in textile dyeing and printing

3. auxiliary of dyeing and anti-oxidant

4. rubber accelerator

5. floating agent

6. photo developing agent

7. resin compression molding

8. powder electroplating

9. blue printing and boiler washing

10. macromolecule material industry

11. catalysis agent and stabilizer of resinic producing

12. organic synthesization of sensitizing material, and medicine, medical, spicery materials in fine chemicals 

13. recycling and separating of heavy metals etc.


 COA according to standard: HG/T 3266-2002:
Item Metrical Unit STANDARD Actual Results
Purity % 99.0 min 99.15
Loss on heating % 0.40 max 0.20
Ash content % 0.10 max 0.05
Water-insoluble % 0.02 max 0.01
Thiocyanate % 0.02 max 0.018
Melting point  °C 171 min 172
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Thiourea 99.0% Min (CAS 62-56-6)



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Thiourea 99.0% Min (CAS 62-56-6)

 Thiourea 99.0% Min (CAS 62-56-6)


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 Thiourea 99.0% Min (CAS 62-56-6)Thiourea 99.0% Min (CAS 62-56-6)

Thiourea 99.0% Min (CAS 62-56-6)



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